Alkyl Polyglucoside

Alkyl Polyglucoside

Shivasurf 561

Keeping in mind the needs of the global climate change and environmental impact of the surfactant such as SLS and SLES, we have developed shivsurf 561.

Shivasurf 561 is new generation environmentally friendly surfactant which is based on Alkyl polyglycoside.

Chemicial description :- mixture of Alkyl Polyglycoside

Nature :- non-ionic

Product Properties:

Appearance : light yellow colored

Water content % max : 44%

pH(20% in 15% isopropanol ) : 8 ~10

Total Solids (2g 105 + : 56%

Viscosity : 100~300 mPas

Density@40C  : 1.0 ~ 1.3 G/cm3

Ash : <2.00%

Fatty alcohol : <0.8%


Rapidly Biodegradable

Good detergency & wetting properties

Produces a moderate to high stable foam

Mild, Non-irritating to skin

Packing: – 210Kgs HDPE Drums

Product Description:

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Alkyl polyglucoside is also known as Alkyl polyglycoside. The abbreviation of the product is APGs which is Excellent quality Environment friendly Non-Ionic Surfactant and almost 100% biodegradeable, an option to Alcohol Ethoxylate as well as Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate. It is widely used for bottle washing, glass cleaners, personal care products, shampoo, soap skin cream, lotions, strippers, detergents, metal cleaners, etc