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Phenol (Carbolic Acid)

Phenol Carbolic Acid
Synonyms of Phenol : Carbolic acid; Benzenol; Phenylic acid;
Hydroxybenzene ; Phenic acid
Molecular formula : C6H5OH
Mol.Wt : 94.11 g/mol
Phenol Appearance
: white crystalline solid
Density : 1.07 g/cm³
Melting point : 40.5 °c
Boiling point : 181.7
Assay : 90% min (liquid)
 98% min (crystal)
Solubility in water : 8.3 g/100 ml (20 °c)
Packing : 210kgs ms drum
Plant Savli, Vadodara District, Gujarat India.
Export Gulf, UK, USA, African Countries
Adhesives Chemical
Fertilizer Paper
Paints Phenolic Resin
Plastics Plasticizers
Rubbers Soap
Textiles Wood Preservatives