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Technical Ethyl Cellosolve

Technical Ethyl Cellosolve
 It is mixer of Cellosolve (mainly ethyl Cellosolve).
 Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
 Sp. Gravity :- 0.93
 Boiling point. :- 135° C
 Stable at ordinary conditions.
 Freely soluble in water.

Technical Ethyl Cellosolve Application

 Anti freezing and anti-icing additive.
 Solvents or plasticizer for plastic, lacquer and paint.
 Hydraulic brake, thermal exchange fluids and fuel additive.
 Coupling printing inks.
 Textile conditioning.
 Solvents for dyes in textile and leather finishing.
 General purpose cleaners.
 Varnish removers, Increasing stability of emulsions
Plant : Savli, Vadodara District, Gujarat India.
Export : Gulf, UK, USA, African Countries