Emulsifier OP 95

Emulsifier OP - 95
Emulsifier OP 95 an associate degree additive that U.S.A. accustomed combine 2 or a lot of liquids. Oil and Water does not combine with one another however adding surface-active agent it's mixed along properly. It possess hydrophilic head that absorbs water and it's hydrophobic tail that absorb oil in an exceedingly correct method. The oil would skim on water if it's not used. it's conjointly application in food trade.

Appearance. : Brown yellow jelly
Odor. : Characteristics odor.
Sp.Gravity : 0.96
Materials types : Natural cosmetics chemicals
Chemical characters : Anionic with nine.5 moles
pH. : 8:00 ~ 9:00
Solubilities : Capable of being mixed in water giving milklike emulsions
Packings : 50 Kilograms H.D.P.E. Carbuoys
Application : Whitelike disinfectant. Emulsifiers
Factory : At. Village Tundav of Savli Taluka, close to Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
Exports : Gulf Countries, United Kingdom, United State of America and Africa.