Mono Chloro Phenol

Mono Chloro Phenol Super Grade
Mono Chloro Phenol is used in Agro Chemicals, Black Disinfectant Fluid, Raw Materials for Black Phenyl, Raw Materials for White Phenyl, Herbicide, Intermediate in organic synthesis, Wood preservatives, Disinfectants and many more. We possess leading position in India in manufacturing and supplying the product. We provide quality and cost effective product and ensure the delivery in time in any corner of the country.

Appearance of MCP Super Grade : Palelike yellowish liquid
Odor : Phenolic
Sp.Gravity : 1.30 ~ 1.32
RWC Uses (Salmonella Typhi) : 60 - 65
Moisture : 1 for max
Chemical stability : Stable below standard conditions
Incompatibility : Incompatible with sturdy acid
Decomposition : Decomposition won't occur
Packing : 230 kg HDPE Drum
Plant : At Village Tundav of Savli Taluka, In the vicinity of Vadodara, Gujarat State of India.
Exporter : Gulf Countries and United Kingdom, United State of America and Africa